Yxoss CBR®


Yxoss CBR® revolutionizes oral bone augmentation by customising the commonly used titanium meshes to fit the individual anatomy of each patient. Time-consuming impressions, cutting, shaping and adapting are no longer necessary. All implants are delivered to precisely fit and accurately reflect the specifications you designate.

The special trademarked design exhibits rigid form stability despite the thin contoured surface. The unique lattice structure provides superb loading capacity to compression and shear forces. Sharp edges resulting from cutting conventional meshes are entirely eliminated. The design structure of Yxoss CBR® together with the tissue-friendly pure titanium enables optimal nutrition transport to the regenerating bone. The augmented region remains protected during the healing phase.

Yxoss CBR® - The first customised 3-D printed bone regeneration solution for complex bone defects.

Be assured that our products do not prevent your patients from donating blood.