Micross Bonescraper

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The Micross Bonescraper by META is a minimally invasive disposable device indicated for cortical bone harvesting. The excellent cutting performance, due to its outstanding microblade, allows for an easy collection of autologous bone, even in narrow and hard-to reach areas.

This harvesting technique warrants the best preservation of cell vitality of the cortical tissue, a fundamental characteristic for the best graft integration.

Micross Bonescraper is the only instrument for the tunnel harvesting technique Advantages of the disposable semicircular blade.

  • Maximum cutting efficiency
  • Collects cortical bone shavings of appropriate size and thickness for the graft integration 
  • Excellent control during the harvesting procedure 
  • Effective on any bone surface (plane, concave, convex) 
  • No contamination due to the wear of the device

Be assured that our products do not prevent your patients from donating blood.